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: this rallies the base and expands college access and education for young, poor kids and expanding tax cuts for those in poverty and similar measures the democrats ran on and appreciate. it is a policy document used as a tool for 2015-2016 the final years of the obama presidency. we wants to get something done before leaving. he is figure out a policy plan for the final two years. >> host: is it realistic this plan can get through congress? >> guest: no, i don't think anyone expects the entire budget will pass. i don't think that is that has ever happened. but some things might have opportunity for bipartisan compromise. the business tax code reform would generate revenue to build bridges and roads and generate jobs and that is similar to a proposal that dave camp, the chairman of the house released last week. so ideas in the budget could be ground for compromise. >> host: does he indicate where he is going to act alone? >> guest: there is not so much of that. the president has a robust executive action plan he is implementing and he is taking action and has many more this year. the whiteho
taxes for low income families, and increase spending on bridges, roads, and job training. expected toare block the president's budget and offer one of their own. secretary of state john kerry has landed in kia for talks about the future of ukraine. itsce on reducing dependence on russian natural gas, we ask mike to hear from both senator kerry and president obama. putinheard from vladimir for the first time since the outbreak of the prices -- crisis. ryan joins us now from kiev. how did you interpret vladimir putin's remarks? >> the main thing about 's presst putin conferences that we got a sense of what he is thinking. ultimately copy is the only person who knows where this conflict is going to go. for the take away was time being he has no intention to escalate things. he said several things during that press conference, one, he said that he saw no need to send troops into ukraine yet. that was a bit cryptic, because ukraine says there are already 16,000 russian troops in crimea. what he needs, i think, is beyond crimea. into eastern ukraine. he also said that russia has no intention o
for expansion of tax credits for the middle class and working poor which the white house says is part of his state of the union pledge to boost economic opportunity for all americans. michelle joins us now from the white house. michelle, how do you think this plays out politically considering how gridlocked things are in washington right now? >> reporter: does this have a chance of passing, you're asking? in a word, and you may already know the answer, no. in presenting this budget proposal, president barack obama wants to address the most difficult issues americans face making living and paying for cost of living. working poor, working minimum wage and working full time. they don't have the tax credits workers with children do. obama wants to expand to workers without children, younger workers. this budget contains $60,000 billion worth. obama wants to help obama pay for child care, tax credits for people with young children, pay for education and save for retireme retirement. republicans have problems with it in specifics like closing tax loop hohole loopholes. some say this does nothing t
you imagine saying vote for me? i want to raise your taxes and force the anti-corruption austerity budget. the russians know they fall in their lap. >> the signals that are sent to russia russian defense ministers saying rsia is now planning the permanent military presence outside russia's borders including vietnam, cuba, venezuela, ni caragua singapore and other countries and back in november secretary kerry said the monroe doctrine is dead. did he just waved the flag for russian expansionism? >> that is one of many that the administration has been waving. as clap to america the monroe doctrine is not popular and tell it is needed then they want to know where the united states is of central and south america are very worried about russian participation adventurism and a return of russian military shows that putin thinks he is achieving his objective to reestablish hegemony and he goes for world power status again. no doubt. lou: i don't know what status about obama of the secretary key suggested the united states s rejecting the monroe doctrine because it woul concern our neighbor
enrollment web sites up and running. the change permits residents of those states to receive federal tax credits, even if they ended up buying insurance outside the online exchanges. white house spokesman jay carney. >> subsidies of aca remain available no matter how you get insurance. we're making sure cms is working closely with states to successfully implement their marketplaces. and that includes making sure that those who are eligible for subsidies are able to receive them. >> woodruff: the problems with the federal health care insurance exchange have largely been repaired. but the states of oregon, maryland, massachusetts and hawaii are still laboring to get their websites into optimum shape. a retirement surge means regional airlines in the u.s. will need hundreds of new pilots each year over the next decade, but they may not get them. the government accountability office reports 11 out of 12 regional carriers failed to meet hiring targets last year. a major factor could be the average annual starting salary, just $22,400. regional airlines handle half of all domestic flights. >>
? >> okay. dylan dreyer, thank you for that. >>> another big fight fort gop. this time it's about taxes and they're fighting each other again. >>> plus, the nfl wants to crack down on players using racial slurs. but can and should the owners impose this rule? former congressman and college football quarterback jaycee watts joins me next. >>> and a reminder, the dramatic and breaking developments in the ukraine. we are following it for you. we'll get more reaction in this hour. [ female announcer ] new fiber one protein cereal. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! ♪ we are one, under the sun ♪ under the sun... [ female announcer ] fiber and protein. together as one. introducing new fiber one protein cereal. [ female announcer ] fiber and protein. together as one. "stubborn love" by the lumineers did you i did. email? so what did you think of the house? did you see the school ratings? oh, you're right. hey babe, i got to go. bye daddy! have a good day at school, ok? ...but what about when my parents visit? ok. i just love this one... and it's next to a park. i love it. i love it too. here's ou
* america, immaterial alshon siegenthaler and we have a lot to cover this half hour, including tax numbers make it official. legalized marijuana is a big money maker for colorado. a big problem for bit coin, one of the virtual currency's largest exchange practically disappears. and 50 years ago the fight that shocked the world. cascassius clay versus sunny his tonight anhistonight and the che after. a warn to go after began stan, the president today order u.s. military toy begin planning to take all of its troops out of afghanistan by the end of the year. it's the latest to the response by hamid ca karzai to sign an agreement. officials say so the boko haram group was behind an attack on a school that left at least 59 people dead. police say the boys and girls ages 11 and 18 were separated by attackers. the girls were told to go home. the boys butchered, boko haram has been declared a terrorist organization by both nigeria and the united states. ukraine's parliament has delayed until thursday the formation of a new government that was supposed to happen today until there is a new governmen
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in this year alone will be over $100 million. $136 million. crazy. superhigh tax. that is the other part of the thing is, no one says i am sorry. it is not stopping anyone from buying this. just in virginia. go ahead. disclosure, ill was a big stoker for many years. i quit about 14 years ago when my son came along. we used to call it nature's prozac. there is another side to this. our founding fathers notoriously had marijuana. they grew it for different reasons. i am sure they smoked it a little bit, but there is another business part that can come out of this. fibers of marijuana, the actual plant are very strong. paper make clothes, for books. there is a wide range of stuff you can use for this. it seems to me that this could stoners span out into saying let's start making t-shirts. they get a co-op going and making it this way. this could be a little bit more money than just the tax revenue that comes from it. guest: yes. it is growing by leaps and bounds. those of us of a certain age will remember if you grew up in several areas or spent time in was growing this wild in the 1960's,
and offered general goals on taxes, trade, energy, and regulatory curves. pointing outl keep the upbeat economic outlook. >> let me jump in. we know congressional hearings on the budget again next week, including one wednesday with the finance committee chairman wyden. >> talking about breathing room for more -- he is new to the tax-writing panel. he has his own ideas about tax policy. again, it is a forum for airing ideas about the broader economy. you want be seeing the summit -- their democrats be doing own budget plan. the field the december agreement .ut the spending caps in place the republicans will do their own plan, which will contrast with the administration's blueprint. house republicans met and talked about alternatives to the health care law. next week, there is a bill scheduled. what about the bill and what is the current republican strategy? >> they obviously still object to obamacare. i think they have moved away from trying to repeal it. now they are going after individual pieces. the measure coming up next week has the same effect the bill the house passed has. it draw
. crazy. superhigh tax. that is the other part of the thing is, no one says i am sorry. it is not stopping anyone from buying this. just in virginia. go ahead. disclosure, ill was a big stoker for many years. i quit about 14 years ago when my son came along. we used to call it nature's prozac. there is another side to this. our founding fathers notoriously had marijuana. they grew it for different reasons. i am sure they smoked it a little bit, but there is another business part that can come out of this. fibers of marijuana, the actual plant are very strong. paper make clothes, for books. there is a wide range of stuff you can use for this. it seems to me that this could stoners span out into saying let's start making t-shirts. they get a co-op going and making it this way. this could be a little bit more money than just the tax revenue that comes from it. guest: yes. it is growing by leaps and bounds. those of us of a certain age will remember if you grew up in several areas or spent time in was growing this wild in the 1960's, especially during world war ii, tons of hemp was grown all o
from the tax for 2014. simple fairness demands that congress provide the same relief to hardworking americans. when congress can act to provide some relief for hardworking americans, we should. every member here has heard from a frustrated constituent. this shouldn't and need not be a partisan fight. granting relief for hardworking americans is only fair. voting yes on h.r. 4118 is the right thing to do for the people we represent. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from michigan is recognized. mr. leffy: i yield myself such time as i may consume. -- mr. levin: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for such time he may consume. without objection. well, here they go again. but this time it's the 50th time that house republicans have brought up legislation to repeal or to undermine the affordable care act. ut this 50th time is no golden anniversary. it's a house republican goose egg for millions of americans. just look at this, 50 votes. with zero votes to rais
their settlement agreements including the method of calculating the agreements and whether it is tax deductible and so on and the disclosure would be required up front at the time this is announced. now the fed doesn't have to wait for congress to do that, you could voluntarily adopt that public disclosure now. will you do that? >> i agree with you, it is important for us to disclose more and to disclose as much as we can. and we'll look at that very carefully and try to provide for mfgs. >> so in principal we're talking about more disclosure here. >> correct. >> i think this is really important because this is about accountability. we want to hold our financial institutions accountable but it means accountability for our regulatory -- >> i agree. >> and i want to follow up onp senator brown's question about too big to fail. you said we have made significant progress but much work remains to be done and i agree. but since the financial crisis in 2008, the five largest financial institutions are 38% larger than they were back then. so my question is, what evidence would you need to see before yo
got to have reforms and got to raise taxes and got to end subsidies. if you're you drainian politician you don't want to run for office, vote for me, i'm on the austerity budget. ukrainian political leaders are in a real mess. guess who offered to bail them out and got turned one? the russians. russia at end of the day they have the deep pocket and interests. militarily what are they doing? if they're trying to do some kind of a separatist movement with crimea he is set it up very nicely. why? , yanukovych, nobody seen him for days, he came out this afternoon. they have a potential leader of crimea if they break away. gerri: get back to the events of last few hours, david. i know you've been following this intensively. david asman spent a lot of times covering international stories. >> i was working for "the wall street journal" covering emerging markets when the soviet union came to its end and people like vladmir putin have great regret that it did come to an end. they want to severe vile of the soviet union. putin has been very brunt about that. said one of the worst things that hap
on health care and taxes that came out last month. [video clip] 's cuteave seen alex sink ads. what do we know about her record? outlook sync supports obama care. it even though 300,000 floridians could lose their health insurance plans because of it. she supported higher taxes, too. more taxes on water and tv. alex sink -- another tax spender can'tlorida can afford -- afford. host: are those the kind of ads we will be seeing more of around the country and the rest of the 2014 field? guest: the classic cookie-cutter republican ad. alex sink being tied to obama care. against simply run obama care in 2014. campaigns matter and candidates matter. putting forward a diffuse message with a lot of attacks is a little effective -- a little less affective. host: let's talk about the ad against jolly's campaign. [video clip] >> the spent millions on david jolly. to let insurance companies charge women more than men and deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. jolly praised the plan ending medicare plus guarantee, forcing seniors to negotiate with insurance companies. they profit, we pay the price
tax dollars, they're accountable to us. for all those people who felt in their gut something was wrong and who are told, you have to get over it, the system played out, move on, i wanted to say, your gut is right. here's why, from the point of view of facts of the evidence. >> lisa bloom, i enjoyed covering that trial with you. you were insightful if nothing else. i've started the book. it's a good read. thank you for stopping by. >> i appreciate that. >> be well. >>> my next guest was elected to public office at 22. now he hopes to make more history. perhaps becoming south carolina's first african-american statewide office holder since 1872. yes, 1872. he's also vice chairman of the south carolina democratic party. good to see you, sir. >> thank you for having me this saturday afternoon, craig. >> it's a steep climb for democrats in south carolina. what's different this time? >> well, for me, it's about another step in the journey. my parents always told me as i was growing up i could be anything in the world, just be a change agent. since the agent of 21, 22, when i won my first elec
. it is sad that a lot of people always want to exert power. they do not participate. and they want a tax cut. that does not make sense. final point from dana, who says president obama does not get it. he scoffed at romney forcing treatedas a foe and food and as such. as will beichael crowley joining us with his assessment on options ahead for the president. we will turn our attention to afghanistan. tonight is oscar night. we want to focus a little bit on politics and washington. this week, testifying before the appropriations committee, seth rogan talking about alzheimer's. he used to status to shine a light on the problem. [video clip] >> maybe this is more appropriate for a closed hearing. the new york times article says of the cyberctor arguedraft initiative that using cyber warfare for humanitarian purposes in syria, taking steps to degrade use of air power, might be an effective tool and one that might reverse the tide of opinion. the u.s. government is using cyber capabilities for nefarious ends. do have a comment? >> i think one of the things that you and the administration d
. the ceo of credit suisse is firing back hel at helping wealy americans to dodge taxes. they said they kept those activities from the bank management. senators accusing the bank of cloak and dagger tactics so customers can evade the irs. >> these illicit banking practices belong in a spy novel not at one of the world's top banks. >> we now know the impact that have big data breach at target. the profits fell 46% in the fourth quarter and saw a significant decline after the breach was uncovered in december. but shares are higher after customers said they are now going back to the store suggesting the breach may not be as a bad as some feared. >>> federal prosecutors in manhattan looking into the failed bitcoin exchange, investigators want the nature of the of the attacks. bloomberg reporting that the fbi is investigating and the collapse is calling many to consider regulating bitcoin. >>> nine years ago new orleans looked like this, hurricane katrina exposing a failing infrastructure, and a levy system that could not contain the floodwaters. now the new 350-mile levy system is already having
to temporarily take command of all national forces, the interior ministry, the armed forces, the navy, tax and border control, all commanders should take orders from me only. those who disagree, please resign. >> reporter: that scares crimea's minority population many of their san antonio cesc tourses were deported by stalin. >> it's the in i wa first time e lived under such conditions they ever taken over military bases and civil institutions that's why crimean society is filled with fear, people are afraid of everything. >> reporter: 400 miles north in the second steer, car can khary drapped pro government supporters from the city hall. much of the population opposed the take over the government in kiev. and in kiev. former opposition leader now presidential candidate vitale klischko appealed for calm. >> translator: i edge everybody no provocations, no calls for accept tim. no violence, no anarchy, legal and democratic authorities are formed in ukraine now, all that love their country have to show their patriotism and unity. >> reporter: at a military airport a possible worrying sign o
, president obama is set to release his 2015 budget plan. also expanding a tax break to help low-income workers without kids. the next fiscal year begins in october. >> so you think your wireless carrier isover charming you, you are not alone. the federal government is now suing sprint over the cost of bugging people's phones. they claim they overbilled the agencies $21 million. sprint says it did nothing wrong. >> a phoenix detective was chasing a suspect by car when he crashed and opened fire while fleeing on foot. responding officers shot and killed the suspect. >> new jersey governor chris christie trying to shift focus from bridgegate. he will hold will the townhall today. a report last month blamed the state for miss handling thousands of dollars of recovery money requests. this as attorneys for the former campaign manager say he is now being investigated by federal agents for any role he may have had for the shutdown of lanes on the garage washington bridge. >>> we'll keep dipping back to ukraine. but we do also have to follow what's going on here with the extreme cold gri
refusal mitt romney does about tax runneturns. the word's out he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove he has paid taxes. he hasn't. men don't have jobs. women don't have jobs either, but women aren't abusive, most of the time. men, when they're out of work, tend to become abusive. there's plenty of horror stories being told, all of them are untrue, but in those tales, turn out to be just that, tales. stories made up from whole cloth. lies. >> so are these really tall tales, lies? these horror stories are very real for some people. in fact, we had an ophthalmologist on the show last hour who said it's very real for her. not only for her patients lost their plans, but her very own employees. she said, i'm not a liar. >> i hope he didn't call me a liar, but he perhaps has some misinformation given to him, because the stories are certainly real. i have lost patients in my practice because of that. and those patients are having a hard time finding doctors to take them, because their practices are already full. i don't think politics belong in medicine. it's a doctor/patient relat
national forces. the interior ministry, the armed forces, the navy, tax and border control, all commanders should take orders from me only. those who disagree, please resign. >> reporter: that scares crimea's minority population. many of their ancestors were deported by stalin in 1944. >> it's i the first time in modn history that we have lived under search be cans, they have taken over military bases and civil institutions that's why crimean society is in fear. >> reporter: pro russian demonstrators dragged government supporters from city hauled and raised the russian flag there. much of the population opposed the take over of the government in kiev last week. in key he feel. former opposition leader now presidential candidate vitale klischko appealed for calm. >> translator: i urge everybody, no provocations, no calls for accept rah tim. no violence, no an aircraft, legal and december craig authorities are formed in ukraine now. all who love their country and responsibility and citizen conscience have to show their unity. >> reporter: at a military airport a possible worrying sign of thi
to spend their hard-earned tax dollars on foreign assistance and strengthen the greatest military the world has ever known. i see americans who want america to lead. [applause] my friends, i've been around a long time. and in fact, since the coolidge administration. [laughter] but i would say to you i've never seen this world in need of strong american leadership than it is today. and i believe these events, these negotiations with iran, which i hope to succeed, but i doubt, when i see the slaughter in syria, when i see the chinese asserting themselves in asia, when i see significant cuts in foreign aid and also in our defense budget, i'm worried. my final word to you, my dear and beloved friends, america and israel needs you more today than ever before. thank you and god bless. right now we are going to the conference with a discussion with an israeli journalist. on the internet, which i did not have a great knowledge about. gender wise, i am a jewish mother. after four months, they showed me what became the first internet-wide instant -- later, a company came in and bought us. overnight w
coup deposed him in 2006. the opposition says it wants to get rid of what it calls the taxing regime. her supporters have promised not to allow that to happen. the problem now is that there is a potential for a violent showdown. >> aljazeera continues to demand the release of its staff held in egypt. they have enough spent 62 days in prison, accused of having links with a terrorist organization and spreading false news. aljazeera rejects the charges. another aljazeera journalist has been held since august. still to come, cuba's new billion dollar port, but could it take business away from its caribbean neighbors. >> behind lego's success. >> the man in the mask turns the heat on the new york knicks. joe will be here with a sports update. ♪ what is this place? where are we? this is where we bring together the fastest internet and the best in entertainment. we call it the x1 entertainment operating system. it looks like the future! we must have encountered a temporal vortex. further analytics are necessary. beam us up. ♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainme
to take control of the military, armed forces, navy, tax and military, all commanders take orders from me, those that disagree, pleas resign. >> that scarce the crimea tattar population, many expelled by stalin. >> it's the first time in modern history that crimea lived under such conditions. they have taken over military bases. the society is filled with fear, afraid of everyone is everything. >> 400 miles north, in cashing i've -- karkiv. in kiev former opposition leader now presidential candidate vitaly klitschko appealed for calm. >> translation: i urge everybody, no provocations, no calls for separatism, no violence or anarchy. legal and democratic societies are formed in ukraine. all have to show their patriotism and uni. >> signs of things to come. men in camouflage damaged ukrainian communications equipment. one mystery solved. the men in uniform that took over airports and other strategic locations are crimean riot police, intelligence forces, security personnel and some officers of russia's black sea fleet, according to the prime minister of crimea. there are some ethnic ukraini
of ministries, ranging from border control and navy to tax. if people in charge don't like it. they could resign. >> recognising my responsibility with the lives and safety of the people i call on the president to call for assistance, calling for peace and order in crimea. of course, plenty of people here like all of this. these people in sevastapol said they'd love it in russia handed out russian passports. >> translation: all of us are russians, we kept our documents. in our souls, we are russians. >> for the speed of all this, it left others terrified. the ukrainian church were holding a service. they see troop movements, a lack of control and they are frightened. >> we wake up in the morning and don't know what will happen. every day brings surprises. >> we found crimean tatars. defending their own channel with station. vladimir putin gave the orders, it's impossible a head of state doesn't influence another country. he warned that troops were on the boarder. damages were ready. >> the russian view is it's ridiculous to claim they were innovating a place where they have a military preps, and
a month to geoff we americans need health insurance or pay a fine next tax season. it is down to the wire. the federal government is expanding access to the subsidies to make health insurance more affordable in states with particular problems to the exchanges. this is just one of the steps the administration is going to take in order to make up for the botched rollout of those systems in october. we remember how bad that was, jon. jon: viewers should always be suspicious of anything that the federal government does on friday, particularly late on friday because that's when they release information they want to disappear over the weekend. people won't notice it because they're going away or they're going to dinner on friday night or whatever. and by sunday morning it is old news. so on friday the administration says it is going to suspend some more of the obamacare rules that won't apapparently to these states that have such bungled exchanges. >> it is very interesting you mention the friday timetable. we've seen the obama administration use that time and time again particularly when it co
change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story next only on al jazeera america >> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city, this is toins. the crisis of the ukraine is deepening. russia denies it issueden an ultimatum. this as the eu and the u.s. consider sanctions. and other measures if russia does not end military actions in ukraine. the crisis in ukraine could also impact how much i pay at the -- you pay at the pump. russia as you know is one of the world's biggest oil producers and fear of a possible disruption at the pump is driving prices higher by almost 2%. >>> short range missiles, response to annual military exercises taking place between the u.s. and south korea. into the
to expand a tax credit for the middle class and the working poor. >>> an emotional testimony at the blade runners trial in south africa. neighbors describes the screams before he shot and killed his girlfriend. >>> hello, everyone. i'm john berman. michaela pereira is off today. with he would like to welcome our viewers here and around the world. we will have those stories and more at this hour. a knew escalation in the crisis in ukraine. reuters news agency is reporting that the russian navy is blocking a channel between crimea and russia. we are waiting for a critical news conference from secretary of state, john kerry are, at the center of the worst crisis since russia and the west. i arrived in kiev just hours ago. one of his first stops in independence square. you can see him at the makeshift memorial being created to honor those killed in the demonstrations on the street. the secretary of state is offering money and support to the new government. on the front lines, tensions are rigz. are rising. >> that was a dramatic picture seen at a military base in crimea. russian troops said t
is that syria has agreed to a new plan to remove all of its chemical weapons by april. taxed with destroying the pace of removing chemicals is as last picking up. during an attacks on eastern damascus. more than 1,000 people russia helps bring about a deal prompting to destroy the chemical arms and the time line was drawn up from when syria would ship out for it to be more than 1,000 tons. it was supposed to have given up it's entire arsenal, but the deadline was missed. the head of the u.n. commission overseeing the says progress which is pretty fast is now being made. >> as you know, the authorities have submitted the revised plan with a timetable of around 60 days, in order to accelerate, and to intensify their efforts to ensure timely remove for on ward destruction. and we are working very activity, and we anticipate a lot of action in the month of march, and so for today i was able to report to the executive council, as tomorrow to the secure council that as of today, nearly one third of syria's chemical weapons has been removed or destroyed inside the country, so it is a benchmark. >>
folks paying tax. any film that since the release him and that i maybe a dozen succumbing to the exhibition is on the hit in pans on your way. unschooling on the day highs on to our meetings and school prestigious kennedy had his impact. i'm not that it's in tactical an architect of many no man's land she couldn't take it back down deep into the team is in a tank. noise in the archives of the snowflakes has notes on bill films. the building blocks of your life so to speak. erm i was homeless. i was supposed to follow the footsteps of who my father was the cause of good this includes those who sew for my country. it was when i was twenty three a was sent to war. due to a pupil war and i've been coming back from his florida for the book which is a bit smaller. i do not grease to spend my time designing game will be assumed to be constantly. i decided to do to make them so to put his phone on him to the brioche for a pumpkin curry. he's the spitting image is the official during the war for those. and some muscle group that counts. in just an anti theft. if you haven't had tim
more, 2% plus range. beenf the things that has lately is u.k. market the tax breaks. is that something you can replicate on the continent? we have this branch of financial services now. we will increase the penetration of financing. it is giving additional business opportunities and increases customer retention. >> why will i buy one of your cars this year? simply because you're financing is better or because i like the product? talk me through the selling points that gm is going to be delivering to put itself back on the map. >> we believe that the product and the brand are key. the product is really improved now. we have great products. the brand is also great. opel got a bit too pale in the past. we have a new campaign now. the german and approachable bit of the brand. on the technology side, we have really given products the new engines. >> you have a lot of ties with russia. can you plan for what is going on right now? do you have contingencies in place? >> it is obviously difficult to plan in such an environment and in emerging countries in general. russia is a very important mar
armed gas tax gangs as a tool of power and that's what we saw in action today, forcing the u.n. official out. the other point i would make is this. in my old job when i had a security clearance that i've read classified reports, i think that people have this impression they're black and white. they say x is going to happen tomorrow in y location. very rarely or never are they really that way. they're dealing with imperfect intelligence that they pieced together, kind of like we do as reporters, though with much better tools. which they piece together ask say here is our best assessment of possible things that might happen. in this situation, you throw in the wild card, which is vladimir putin. and representative adam schiff, on the house intelligence committee saying, listen, with him, he could have made that decision last minute so no one could have predicted it. that's their defense. but listen, the bottom line is, they were caught off guard. >> i read an interesting report on this in the "wall street journal" today. they said, and we're going to double-check, but the "wall
, who pay their taxes and do whatever the law requires them to do should be eligible to be put on the path of citizenship? >> i apologize, but i have a very short period of time. >> i am concerned about refugee relocation. we are get august lot of these refugees to my home state of georgia. i am not sure these refugees are being betted as thoroughly as they should be. there are a lot of people who want to do harm to americans. i would like to work with you on this issue. i think this is a very dangerous issue of our accepting these refugees into this country and not having someway of monitoring them. i think we are getting too many, and these people are being forced upon american citizens in a way that a is going to be dangerous for our own homeland security. i am also very concerned about the abu dhabi pre clearance that was suggested. we have seen tsa allow people who are on the no fly list get on airplanes. tsa is not in itself prevented one terrorist attack. every terrorist attack way have seen -- attack we have seen in this nation that has been prevented has not been preve
. if we pass a bad tax bill, you can also come back and pass a new one. if you make a mistake, as this body did, by passing obamacare, you can always come back and repeal it. you make a mistake in domestic policies, you can always come back and reverse it somehow. not the same in foreign policy. once you have a nuclear -- nuclearized, weaponized iran, that's quite difficult to undo. and so is all the things that it will lead to. and let me also say that additional sanctions are no guarantee that they will never get a weapon, but it changes the cost-benefit analysis. it tests their pain threshold economically. it forces them to make a decision about whether they want to continue to be isolated from the world economically and is weaponizing worth it? and i'm telling you that if you put in place, whether it's the interim agreement or a final one that allows them to retain the capability to enrich in the future, they will build a weapon. that is not a matter of opinion. that is a matter of fact in my mind. and maybe this president won't be here by the time that happens, but someon
. i see americans who are willing to spend their hard-earned tax dollars on effective foreign assistance and to strengthen the greatest military the world has ever known. i see here today americans who want america to lead. i have been around a long time. since the coolidge administration. you i have never seen this world in need of strong american readership than it is today. of these the events negotiations with iran which i hope to succeed but i doubt, when i see the slaughter in syria, when i see the chinese inserting themselves in asia, when i see significant cuts in foreign aid and also in our defense budget, i'm worried. my final word to you my dear and beloved friends, america -- israel needs you more today than ever before. thank you and god bless. [applause] >> senator john mccain this morning at the aipac conference. >> discussing the situation in ukraine. this is two hours. the meeting is called to order. from the permanent representative to ukraine. addressing the security council. the agenda is adopted. with 37, i invite the representative of ukraine to particip
right to dump toxins into our rivers and streams and valleys and to give them even more tax breaks while they destroy our environment. madam president, we democrats have a different vision. democrats believe the economy is strongest when the middle complas is vibrant and -- middle class is vibrant and growing. democrats believe that world-class education leads to world-class work and this work is one where people are ready to take on any challenge. right now, madam president, there's at least three people for every job that's available. democrats believe in an even playing field with higher wages, affordable health care, and a secure retirement for every american, so that every american can have a shot at success. i welcome a debate over these competing visions. the average american shares our vision for a country whose success is built on a strong middle class. the koch brothers know americans share our vision for a country whose success is built on a strong middle class. that's why rather than having an honest and fair debate, they're pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into a mass
control of all forces. military, navy, tax, boarder control. all commanders should take orders from me only. those that disagree, please resign. >> many of the tatar ancestors were deported by stalin in 1954. >> it's the first time in modern history that they have lived under these conditions. crimean society is filled with fear. people are afraid of everyone and everything. >> 400 miles north in the second city. pro-russian demonstrators drag supporters from city hall and raise the russian flag there. much of the population oppose the take over of the government. in kiev former opposition leader, presidential candidate appealed for calm. >> i urge everybody, no provocation, calls for separatism, no anarchy. they are not formed in ukraine. all who love the country have to show their patriotism. at a military airport. a worrying sign of things to come. >> one mystery solved. the men in uniform took over airports. the crimean riot police, intelligence forces and some officers of russia's back sea fleet according to the deputy prime minister. >> jennifer glasse joins us on the phone. she'
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